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Let’s Get Dopey

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I am looking for a few brave people to participate in the runDisney 2020 Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge with me, are you that person? The Dopey Challenge If you haven’t heard about the runDisney Dopey Challenge, let me just say that the name is about as appropriate as possible. The challenge is to run during…

Move with the Pack

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You may have heard that working out with a partner is great for keeping each other motivated and working out on a schedule. This is great for social or extraverted people, but what about people like me? What about those introverts who primarily works out alone? Alone Time Recently, I participated in a runDisney Marathon…

myVirtual Marathon

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  If you are an avid reader of my page, you would know that several months ago when I participated in the runDisney Star Wars half marathon weekend. I saw some people walking around with race awards (medals) before the first race started. I was curious how these individuals were able to get an award…

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