I Am, Who I Am


I recently heard someone saying, “I am, who I am …” when talking about life and their current situation. Although they were not a Diabetic, I thought that this phrase had some real applications into the world of Diabetes.

I am a Diabetic

When people ask me about my weight loss, the first thing I tell them is that I am a Diabetic. Although I have reversed the effects of my Type 2 Diabetes, I still consider myself to be a Diabetic. The difference that I see is that I didn’t let Diabetes define who I am. Who I am, is a totally different answer.

Who am I?

I recently read a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Brynes that helped me to understand how I was able to reverse my Diabetes and how I believe anyone can define who they are in relation to their Diabetes. The book talks about the power of thought and how thinking can draw you closer to your objectives. When I boil down all of the things that I did to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes, I realized that I thought my way to a Diabetic reversal.


Our minds are extremely powerful. They run all the time and are providing inputs constantly. You’re thinking right now as you read this content. Take a minute to stop reading, just for a moment. What are thinking right now? Can you control these thoughts? Can you change what you are thinking? I have a fight with my thoughts all the time. Eat that piece of cake… or even worse, don’t go for a run, get some sleep! Man, this happens more often than I ever care to admit. It NEVER gets easier, NEVER. It happens every day, every hour, every minute.

So, what can we do about it? Think our way out of it. Your mind is what’s giving you these thoughts, so let’s use your thoughts against your mind. You are in control of your thoughts, so change your thoughts. Right now! When I found out that I was a Diabetic, I didn’t want to be a Diabetic. I didn’t want to take medication, especially insulin, but that is what I had to do once I left the hospital.

Thinking Like a Diabetic

To combat my brain and all of the thoughts it was producing about my life as a Diabetic, taking medication, measuring my sugar levels for the highs and lows, I thought about what it would be like to NOT be a Diabetic. How great it would feel the day that I wouldn’t need to take medication. How great it would feel when I didn’t have to prick my finger to measure my sugar levels. I turned my thoughts to reversing my Diabetes. It took me 120 days of thinking like a Diabetic to finally reverse everything about my Diabetes.

Seems impossible? Change your thinking right now! It is possible, I am proof. You know it’s possible! So take control. Start thinking like a Diabetic, start with something small. Change your thoughts about one single item that you eat. Give it a try and tell me all about it. I want to hear what you are doing and how it’s going, so please comment below.


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