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It has been said that the best time to change is, Right Now! Whether it’s getting started with eating right, getting out and exercising or starting to read that book that will help you to think differently, the time to start is Right Now!

Why Right Now?

I have heard this phrase a lot lately. I have several books that I listen to on loop and all of them seem to say the same thing, start doing something Right Now! But Why? More specifically, why immediately? This question has crossed my mind several times in the last week. Why does everyone insist that if you want to do something, you should take action immediately? Simple answer… your mind.

Root of Procrastination

Where does procrastination come from? Reflect for a moment and think about the last time you procrastinated an activity. Where does the procrastination come from? Was someone around you whispering in your ear, “do it later”? How about your pet, were they telling you to wait awhile? NO! It was YOU! More specifically your mind. 

Your mind heard what you wanted to do, did a quick assessment and immediately started going to work. If pain was involved, your mind told you that it was going to hurt and you should wait until you were ready. If it was going to take time, your mind told you that it would take too long. Under every situation, your mind is the root of all procrastination.

My Mind = Me?

But wait, isn’t your mind just you? Are you the root of your procrastination? In a way yes? If you allow your mind to run away with your thoughts, then yes, you are the cause. So what now? Right Now! Get control of your thoughts. You own them, you control them, change them. Don’t listen to the argument your mind is giving you, change the topic, you have the Power! Start thinking about how to get the activity done, or just get started Right Now! Don’t give your mind enough time to get the objections going. Put yourself in gear and get started.

Do it, Right Now!

So, that activity you have been thinking about that will make a difference in your Type 2 Diabetes. GO DO IT, RIGHT NOW! Yep, stop reading this article and go do it right now.

When you are done, please come back and tell me all about it in the comments below. Then go do another thing and keep the activities going.

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