I Run To Live


Over the last few months, I have increased my running frequency and distances. If you haven’t read my articles about my most recent running activities, make sure to see my most recent Move articles.


So when I tell people that I run between 75 and 100 miles PER MONTH! They are always surprised and react about the same way as I expressed it, with exclamation, but then it quickly turns to jokes about how they couldn’t walk 75 to 100 steps in a month.

Once the shock wears off, they eventually all lead to the next question… why? Why do you run 75 to 100 miles per month. My consistent answer is, “I run to live.”, which typically confuses people, so I follow up with, “I actually hate to run. I don’t run because it brings great joy to my life like people who say they ‘Live to Run’. I run because it helps me to live, to live longer, to have a healthy life with my family and free of the influence of diabetes.”

I Run to Live

Since I changed my thinking about running it has become more than this “thing” I feel like I have to do, it has become THE thing that I must do! Everyday that I run, gives me one more day without the harmful effects of diabetes and the drugs used to control it. Running and eating correctly make all the difference. I have been symptom free from diabetes for over a year now and I know that if something is going to kill me, it’s not going to be the effects of diabetes. Besides being symptom free, I am in the best overall health of my life which is also helping to prevent more common issues that could develop later in life. I know that there are no guarantees and some damage has already been done by my years of neglect, but I can’t allow the past to dictate my future.

The Challenge

I want to encourage everyone to start moving more, if running isn’t your thing, then start walking, move around more, get outside and enjoy getting out, walking around … whatever it might be.

If running is your thing, or you want/wish that it could be your thing… then let’s get connected. I am starting a “I run to Live” campaign. I am looking for people to join me. I will be printing shirts and holding events to promote this campaign, so if you want to participate, please comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

It doesn’t matter what level of movement you are at. I plan to develop “I move to Live”, “I eat to Live” campaigns, so even if the “I run to Live” is not for you, let’s get connected and maybe of the next campaigns will be for you.

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