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If you have seen my The Dark Side Half Marathon 2018 article, you know that as a first time runner, I recently participated in a runDisney event. I learned a lot about the in/outs of how these events work, although I am sure that I don’t know everything, but I wanted to share what I did learn about the registration process.

If you want to know more about how to get started see my runDisney – First Time Participant Getting Started article.

Race Bibs

To pick up your race bibs make sure to read the race guide. This will tell you where and in what building to pick up your race bibs. Realize that Disney wants to get you into (far into) the event, so the race bib pick up area is at the back of the venue.

The secret? Just keep walking.

Once inside the race bib pick up venue and as you pass by the race waiver printing stations you will see that each race has its own area, one for each area depending on the distance that you plan to run – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Challenge booths. Find your race and you will see that each booth is divided by race bib numbers.

Where is my race bib number? On your waiver.

In the pre-printed area where your name and race are printed is your race bib number. Use your race bib number to find the right booth.

As an adult, you will need to have a photo id.

For the young companions, you will need to show an ID but the child will have to sign the book.


Once you have your race bibs, you are not done, but you will not be able to get everything done in one place.

Remember, this is Disney and they want you to see more of the venue.

You will exit the race bib pickup area and head over to another building where the expo is being held.

In the expo building, you will pick up your race shirts. If you haven’t picked up on the theme yet, you will after the expo, but the shirt distribution is located at the back of the Expo. You will need to walk through at least one row of Expo booths to get back to the area where the shirts are distributed. The shirts are distributed by race and size, first divided between the races 5K, 10K; then by youth and adults, and finally by sizes like small, medium.  You will want to observe the signs above the areas and make sure to pick the right race, youth/adult and size.

BONUS/HACK: Even if you pick the wrong one, like I did initially, the volunteers are really nice and are helpful in getting back on track and pointing you in the right direction. When picking up your shirt you can also get a clear bag “backpack” that you can use for the race if needed.


If you ordered any of the extras, you guessed it, you will need to head to a different building.

The merchandise venue is separate from the bib pickup and expo. Just cruise over to the third building and pick up your pre-purchased items and see all of the additional pins and shirts available for sale, the venue is it’s own mini runDisney store.

To read more about the race day experience, make sure to read my runDisney – First Time Participant Race Day article.

What’s been your experience with pre-race venues and how runDisney organizes this event? Share your comments in the area below.



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