My Favorite Entree at California Pizza Kitchen


The only thing better than my favorite appetizer at California Pizza Kitchen, has to be my favorite entree at California Pizza Kitchen. I have to admit that at the writing of this article, this entree at the California Pizza Kitchen has to be the best entree I have found. This entree is visually appealing, aromatic and is so tasty that I can taste it just writing this article.


This entree has it all. Just look at the menu description:

 Wild-caught North Pacific halibut roasted on a cedar plank with grilled asparagus, creamy farro and butter squash & baby kale. The thick cut halibut provides a nice portion of protein while providing the whitest halibut I have ever seen. Lightly seasoned with some herbs and cooked until it is flaky and moist.

Just beneath the halibut is just the right amount of grilled asparagus. Cooked slightly al dente so they have a nice snap while their grilled flavor is both in taste and by the grill marks.  The highlight of the dish, which is difficult based on the first two ingredients, is the creamy farro, butter squash and kale.

I have to admit, I had no idea was farro was until I looked it up. Farro is a whole grain similar to barley or quinoa. When cooked for this dish, the farro is soft and smooth. Blended with chunks of butter squash and kale the creamy farro makes a great base and complement to the rest of the entree. 

Nutritious as Well 

Yes, I know. Why would I be talking about an entree unless it was good for a Diabetic?
The great part is that this entree has taste, balanced ingredients, and nutritional information. At only 850 calories and 45 Total Carbohydrates (g) this entree by itself accounts for a light meal.
I have tried the other fish entrees offered by the California Pizza Kitchen, but none can stand up to my standard of an all around great meal like the Hearth-Roasted Halibut.
Have you tried the Hearth-Roasted Halibut?  What is your favorite meal at the California Pizza Kitchen?  How about a home cooked Halibut? Do you have any recipes? Please share with me so I can try it out.

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