Modified Seats NO MORE!


Every year my family and I take several trips to Orlando, Florida.

Our trips are planned out mostlu to enjoy the entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks, plus the Universal Studios Resorts and Parks. We get resident rates on hotels and park admissions so it makes for a nice vacation without having to spend a lot of money.

Before Universal Studios

When we used to just attend Walt Disney World parks, I never seemed to have an issue with getting onto any of the rides and having enough room to sit comfortably in the seats. My family used to hate sitting with me because my weight would not allow the lap bars to come down far enough to make them feel totally secure during the ride. They would slide from one side to another gripping the lap bar as tightly as possible, trying not to fly off the ride. It was never a problem for me be, but that was all about to change.

Universal Studios Difference

As my kids have gotten older, their love for Walt Disney World was only dampened by their longing to visit Universal Studios. I remember on our first visit, how excited everyone was to ride the roller coasters and have totally new experiences on the thrill rides available. As we made our way around the parks, the attendant working each of the rides would always pick a certain row, or ask me to sit in specific seats. Initially this confused me until the first time that they didn’t notice and put me in a seat for the “normal” size people. As the attendant was pushing and pushing to get my harness into place, my last breath kept escaping and I thought that I would probably die of suffocation before the ride was over. Luckily the attendant moved me to a different seat where I had more room and there were two buckles.

Modified Seating, Please

The more we attended Universal Studios the more I began to realize that some attendants would ask me if I wanted “modified seating”, which I lovingly nicknamed “the big boy seats”.

I knew that I was overweight, but man was it tough to realize that I was so overweight that I couldn’t fit into a normal seat at Universal Studios. The epitome of this process came on the last visit just before I was admitted to the hospital for Diabetes.

I was getting onto the Rip Ride Rock it roller coaster where I had asked for a modified seat. I already knew that a modified seat was going to be tight, not to mention what an unmodified seat would feel like. As the attendant struggled to get the ride’s safety bar across my body and locked into place it just wasn’t going to fit. I was so overweight that I had outgrown (in girth) the ability to ride this roller coaster.

As the attendants on the ride profusely apologized for the inability to get me onto the ride, I was thinking to myself “Why are they apologizing? This is all my fault. I ate the food. I didn’t exercise. My weight was my fault!”

Most Recent Universal Studios

Since my diagnosis of diabetes, eating like a Diabetic has helped me to lose more than 50 pounds.

Due to its low carbohydrate, balanced and portion control tenants, the weight that once adorned my body has slowly but surely worked it’s way off. We once again took another trip to Universal Studios and NO MORE Modified Seats for ME! I was able to ride all the rides without issue and I didn’t even need the modified seat options. I fit comfortably into the single seat belted seats and in some cases I had extra room. My family was happy as well, they could share a seat with me and the lap bar would rest on both their laps and mine alike.

I can’t express in words the true joy and gratification that comes with this small but monumental accomplishment. I know that by eating like a Diabetic I was able to reduce my weight and the beautiful side effect is the new found excitement and joy that comes from enjoying wonderful roller coasters with my family.

Tell me about your greatest joy from losing weight when you were eating like a Diabetic? Or if you are still getting started on the diet, what are your goals to accomplish once you shed off the fans?  Let me know.  I am looking forward to hearing your story.


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