My Favorite Appetizer at California Pizza Kitchen


As I express all the time, I love to go out and eat. I love food and especially when it fits into my Diabetic lifestyle. Finding good-tasting and filling food that is Diabetic safe can be very difficult at times. When I find something that I really love, I like to share with others so they can try it as well.


In general, appetizers are usually high in carbohydrates, greasy or fried and rarely nutritious. Even for the California Pizza Kitchen, which typically serves healthier than normal food, finding something that won’t spike my sugar is difficult.

Whenever we eat out at a restaurant, the first thing I like to do is see if I can find the restaurant’s nutritional information online. This isn’t always the case, but for California Pizza Kitchen, you can easily find their nutritional information.

See my Nutritional Information Reference for a link to California Pizza Kitchen’s latest nutritional facts.

Asparagus and Arugula

A quick scan of the nutritional information and I quickly found the appetizer that I wanted and knew that it fit into my Diabetic eating. The mix of asparagus and arugula with some sun dried tomatoes, peanuts and a lemon vinaigrette sounded perfect.

With a topping of some simple Parmesan slices, this appetizer is perfectly balanced. Simple enough to make at home, yet gourmet enough to eat at a restaurant and best of all it only has 190 calories and 8 carbohydrates.

What I like Best

When I eat this appetizer it reminds me of a lite and fresh meal. The taste of arugula is refreshing and different than just having iceberg or even romaine lettuce. The bite size pieces of asparagus cooked to a perfect consistency provide a little snap without overpowering the arugula. The spritzing of sun dried tomato pieces and peanuts provide greater texture and depth.

The only thing disappointing about this appetizer is that it eventually runs out when it’s all eaten and leaves me wanting more.

What is your favorite appetizer at California Pizza Kitchen? What is your favorite appetizer of all time? Share your favorites with me so I can maybe try them out as well.

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