Negativity Diet


If you haven’t read the book, Sell or Be Sold, by Grant Cordone, then you need to take a short break from reading this article and go buy it.

You may or may not be a salesperson or selling may not be your occupation but everyone is either being sold, or selling something every minute of the day. You have to convince people to do various things all the time, including yourself.

I really love this book, I have listened to it about a dozen times now and it has become my go-to book when working out in the morning.

Why? Grant is so energetic and motivating besides the topics he discuss apply to so many parts of my life it’s amazing. Especially as a Diabetic, I find so many correlations between selling and maintaining my reversal.

Another Diet?

When I talk to most people about my reversal, they all ask me what diet I am on. When I tell them that I don’t diet, but that I made a lifestyle change, they all seem disappointed. I get the same reaction when I talk to people around me about the Negativity diet.

I learned about this diet while reading Grant’s book, Sell or be Sold. Although he explains the diet in relationship to your surroundings, I have found this diet to be far reaching and life altering in so many directions.


If you need some extra motivation to eat right, exercise, and then try this, no negativity. That’s right, no negativity.

When you look at what you are about to eat or deciding on what to eat don’t be negative about the good foods. Only think positive thoughts about the food you have chosen or need to choose. The minute a negative thought about how it might taste, not going to be filling, how it will look on the plate, you should STOP.

Take the negativity diet, and stop thinking negative thoughts. Think about how you are going to enjoy what you are choosing, ways to make it taste better, or look better. Only think positive thoughts about your food.


Same goes for your exercise. Sitting on the couch or if you are like me, lying in bed, wishing the alarm hadn’t just gone off in the morning or trying to think of why you really should not get up and go exercise. STOP! No negativity.

Get up and think about all of the benefits you are about to get out your exercise routine. Be very conscious about your thoughts and remove all negativity about your exercise plan from your mind. I especially use this when I am actually out working out, whenever I think to myself, that I just can’t run any further, I remove those negative thoughts from my mind and just keep running. I have found so many times where I can keep running for another minute or two before I really need to stop, which helps to increase my workouts effectiveness.

To summarize, no more negative thoughts.

If you find negative thoughts creeping in, you should stop and change your mindset and start again on your negativity diet. I can guarantee that by removing negativity from your life, eating, exercising, your relationships, work, and so much more become enjoyable and no longer a burden.

Have you tired the negativity diet? Share your experiences in the comment box below.

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