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Bread is one of the hardest food item to try and find a replacement for because of the high level of carbohydrates. I have written about the first alternative that I found which was Nature’s Own Sugar Free Bread

After I did some more searching around I have now found my new bread replacement, Joseph’s Pita bread.

Extremely Versatile

I will talk about the carbohydrate and nutritional stuff in a minute, but first I want to mention how versatile this pita bread is, in comparison to bread. So far I have used this bread to make homemade pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and chips. Whether you leave the pita whole, or you cut it in half to make two pockets.  The pita makes a great foundation for creating an awesome meal.

Is it Nutritional?

Since I have already talked about the Nature’s Own bread, let’s do a comparison.

When I would make a sandwich with the Nature’s Own Sugar Free Bread I would need two slices. Each of those slices has 50 calories and 9 g of carbohydrates for a total of 100 calories and 18 g of carbohydrates. Making the sandwich an open faced sandwich helps to improve the nutritional value but the best you can do is the 50 calories and 9 g of carbohydrates.

On the other side, one of Joseph’s Pita is 60 calories and 9 g of carbohydrates.

The real difference comes in the fact that you don’t need two slices of pita bread to make a sandwich. You can either wrap the pita around the contents, or cut it in half and stuff it full. So in comparison, I will typically  use only  one slice of the pita and cut the calories and carbohydrates almost in half over use the traditional two slices of bread.

How Does it Taste?

Something that is this nutritious must taste like cardboard, right? Heck no!

Joseph’s Pita bread is soft and moist. I can wrap a slice of Pita bread all the way around a full sandwich and the bread won’t break or flake apart. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Size Matters

Get your mind out of the gutter! I added this section to point out that you can purchase Joseph’s Pita Bread in two different sizes. There is the 6 loaves packaging and then there is the 8 loaves packaging.

At first glance you might think that the 8 loaves packaging is better because they are smaller (about 4 inches round) and will reduce the calories and carbohydrates in comparison to the larger (about 8 inches round) loaves. Half the size, half the nutritional value, right? Not really.

The smaller loaves only reduce the calories by 10 and the carbohydrates by 2 g, so by reducing the size by 50% you only reduce the nutrition by about 25%.

Each of the sizes have good uses, but if I am making a sandwich or pizza the larger rounds are well worth the slight increase in nutritional value.

Do you have another alternative for bread? What about any non-bread products? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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