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I just finished reading this great book titled “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” by John C. Maxwell and the more I read, the more I thought about the “Great Questions” a Diabetic should be asking themselves.

Am I a Diabetic?

This is the first great question that popped into my head. It’s the question that I think goes the most unanswered. I know personally, I ignored this question for years. My Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandmother, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts were all Diabetics and although this does not guarantee that I was going to become a Diabetic, genetically speaking, I had a really good odds that I would.

Even with these odds, I still ignored this great question.

The weirdest part about this question is how easy it is to find out if you might be Diabetic. A simple Diabetic testing kit and some testing over a 24 hour period would answer this great question fairly quickly.

I have done some research and for as little as $19.99 you can order a testing kit from Amazon. For just twenty bucks you get the Blood Glucose Meter, 50 Test Strips, 50 Lancets, Lancing Device, Control Solution, Log Book, Manuals and Carry Case – that is everything that you will need to figure out if you’re possibly diabetic.

Is Diabetes Reversible?

For Type II diabetes, the answer is YES! I am living proof of this. I have Type II diabetes and I have completely reversed my diabetes. No medication, good blood glucose levels … I have no symptoms of diabetes. If you haven’t already read the follow articles, now is the best time ever …

Check out my articles on Diabetes and on my personal reversal.

  • For Type I Diabetes, the answer is no, but with the right medications and following a lot of the same principles as Type II Diabetes control, you can minimize the effects. Although most of my articles are targeted at helping people with Type II diabetes, you will find that a lot of the articles will help with managing Type I diabetes as well.

Is My Diabetes Controlled?

I know that my view of this answer will be different than some other people’s, but my view is that you are not controlling your diabetes unless you are off all medication.

Using medication to control your blood glucose levels is not the same as your controlling your blood glucose levels.

I have never experienced a low blood sugar episode, why? This is because I have removed my dependency on my medications before I could over medicate myself. I had multiple people in my family warning me about low blood sugar levels and how dangerous it can be, which it is, but the only reason most people with Type II Diabetes have low blood sugar levels is because they took more medication than needed and the medication forced them into low blood sugar. Your body will regulate low blood sugar naturally as a Diabetic, it is the high blood sugar levels that it has issue with.

There are many other great questions that should be asked, what are some of the great questions you would ask? Please share them in the comment section below.

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