Arctic Zero – Non-Dairy Pints – Revisited


If you have ever read my article about Arctic Zero Non-Dairy Pints, you already know that I am a huge fan of these deserts. From the very first pints that I tried, Cake Batter and Cookie Shake, I fell in love with how much delicious flavor Arctic Zero was able to squeeze into these little pints and with so few calories and carbohydrates, I got sold.

Contacting Arctic Zero

Because I loved this product so much, I wanted to see if I could spread the word better by getting some coupons from Arctic Zero to share with my readers. In stead of sending coupons, Arctic Zero sent me some of their new Light Ice Cream pints to try and see what I thought.

Although there were excellent, they didn’t have the same excitement as the Non-Dairy Pints due to their nutritional ingredients for Diabetics.  After the first pint, I knew that the new Light Ice Cream Pints were not as diabetic friendly as the Non-Dairy Pints.

BUT… I can tell you this… MY KIDS LOVED THEM!

For kids to eat less sugar and still get that great ice cream feeling was a win-win for me. Once the Light Ice Cream Pints arrive in my local grocery, I have already promised the kids to purchase them some more.

Non-Dairy Pints 2.0

My kids loved them so much, that when Arctic Zero updated the Non-Dairy Pints and sent me the new pints, they dug into them before I could even get home… darn kids.

Luckily I caught them before they could get too far and they were eating the best ones for them, and me, so it wasn’t like it was terrible for them anyways.

When Arctic Zero told me they were sending me some of the new Arctic Zero Non-Dairy Pints, they said to me that the fresh Pints had more flavor and were better tasting. I admit I didn’t think that it was possible. I love my Cake Batter and Cookie Shake pints so that I would take some convincing.

Winner, Winner

Out of all the pints that I tried, Hint of Mint RULES!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chocolate Peanut Butter, the Salted Carmel, Cookie Shake, Purely Chocolate and Cake Batter, but Hint of Mint was the ultimate WINNER for me.

First, the new flavors and taste are AWESOME. Why? The fresh pints are smoother and much more like ice cream than you would ever think for a non-dairy dessert. The old pints were perfect, but I would usually eat them by shaving the desert with my spoon to make shavings. The new pints are so smooth that shaving is not needed. Personally, if I had closed my eyes, I would have been hard-pressed to know that I was eating a non-dairy dessert. I was so convinced that I have challenged my wife to tell the difference.. more to come on this.

If you haven’t gone to check out the new Arctic Zero flavors and deserts (both Light and Non-Dairy) you must. You can get more information from the website. If you have diabetes, the Non-Dairy Pints are  MUST. You can’t find a better tasting product for the cost in calories and carbs than in the Arctic Zero Non-Dairy Pints.

Have you tried the new pints yet? Tell us what you think. If you haven’t tried, why not?

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