One Year Transformation


You may (or may not) believe that this picture is me. Yes, it’s me and it the difference one year can make, yes right again, one year.

One Year

The me on the left was from June 2017 when my wife and I took a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary. At the time I didn’t know that I had Type II Diabetes and I was enjoying life at somewhere north of 300 pounds. I didn’t really weigh myself back then, I just really didn’t want to know, but my best guess was at least 305 pounds.

The me on the right was from the January 2019 runDisney Marathon Weekend, just after I completed the Half Marathon event. I am 95 pounds lighter and went from insulin dependent Type II Diabetes to nothing, nada, nunca, zilch, zero medications.

When I posted this picture on social media, it got a lot of attention. Some people hadn’t seen me in years and didn’t know that I was ever as heavy as I was, others hadn’t seen me since I lost all of my weight. There were lots of heartfelt comments exchanged.

How About You?

But, this isn’t the reason for this article, the reason for this article is YOU!

As I have shown through by this picture, changing your lifestyle and reversing your Type II Diabetes is possible. It’s not fantasy, it’s a reality. The choice is yours and I want to help.


I love talking with people about my story and what I have been able to accomplish, but even more, I love talking with other people about their story what they are doing to control their Type II Diabetes. I find pieces of information in the discusses that help me to improve my health management.

I have found better foods to eat, exercises to perform, and ways to monitor and control my blood glucose levels. Much like the pack mentality propelled me forward when running the 2019 runDisney Marathon Weekend 10k, being around others and discussing management has been a huge help to me, and I want to share and help others as well.

Share Your Story

Share your story, your successes, your let downs, what works for you, what doesn’t work,I want to hear it all.

Live Like a Diabetic is more than just an article site to read about George Cain, it’s a forum for Type II Diabetics to have a voice.

Join me and share your experiences, I want to hear about them. Whether you do it here on the site, or you want to contact me directly.

Please reach out and contact me. Leave me a comment below and I will make contact. All comments are screened before posting so don’t worry, your personal information will never be displayed on the website. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 Replies to “One Year Transformation”

  1. Hi bro Cain. So impressive. I’m on my way to type 2. I lost a ton of weight last year on weight watchers and now have put a lot back on. It’s a constant battle and I’m tired. How to remotivate myself?? Prayer has worked before but I’m so low it’s hard! I’m proud of you!

    1. Thanks, I agree, it’s a constant battle to keep motivated. I found a number of factors helpful in staying motivated … from listening to something inspirational every day, to writing out my gratitudes each day for having the ability to reverse my diabetes and lose weight. Just FYI … a book that I am listening to right now is called, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne has really helped me to understand how I really accomplished my reversal and has helped me recently to get to my perfect weight. I hope that it could help you. Take care and please tell your kids and husband hello for us.

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