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I was recently listening to an audio book entitled, “Do the KIND Thing: Think Boundlessly, Work Purposefully, Live Passionately” by Daniel Lubetzky, the creator of the KIND bar company.

First, let me say this: ‘What an amazing book!”

If you ever get the time to read about Daniel’s nine tenants you will not be disappointed. This isn’t a book review, but I have to say I found my soulmate in the work life. Daniel is amazing and his culture, vision and core values are so in line with mine that almost everything he shared in the book had a huge impact and resonated within my soul.  I was so attached to his concepts that when Daniel mentioned that KIND made a diabetic friendly nutrition bar and I had to check it out.

KIND, KIND Everywhere

I knew about KIND bars before I started listening to the book, but I really didn’t realize how many products KIND manufactures and their effects until I started really digging into it.

On one of my trips to the grocery store, I remember going to the nutritional bar isle and seeing a barrage of KIND bar products. I started looking at each box, one by one, trying to find the one that I though should be diabetic friendly. I have to admit, I reviewed them all and didn’t find one KIND bar that fit what I thought should be considered as “diabetic friendly“. I was disappointed. I couldn’t understand why Daniel had mentioned that a line of his KIND bars were diabetic friendly when I couldn’t find one.

Only By Accident

I repeated my search everywhere I went I reviewed all of the KIND bar boxes, looking, searching for this product that Daniel was referencing.

Then, one Saturday I was in a big box, discount grocery store walking towards the checkout like I always would and there on the end cap was a display of KIND bars. Just out of curiosity I turned the box around and to my surprise each bar only had 17 g of carbohydrates, which in comparison to most other bars that average about 30 g of carbohydrates and can reach as high as 40 g of carbohydrates, 17 g seemed pretty good to me.

What I had found was the KIND Nut and Spices brand of bars. As I went back and listened to Daniel in the book, I realized that Daniel had mentioned the name of the brand and why it was called Nut and Spice, but I totally missed and didn’t make the connection when searching for this product.

Nuts and Spices

I have to admit, Daniel and the people at KIND knew what they were doing when they named these bars Nuts and Spices.

First there is NO Fruit in this bar, as you would expect given the name, so don’t get one of these bars if you are looking for fruit.

However, one must not  be fooled by the lack of fruit. Between the honey that binds everything together and the dark chocolate on the bottom of the bar, these bars pack a nice sweet taste that makes up for the lack of fruit. The combination of spices with the sweet taste of honey and dark chocolate make this bar a great combination. It not only tastes great but it’s a nice snack for between meals and definitely has some filling power.

On to More Products

Now that I have tried the KIND Nuts and Spices bar, I want to try a few other products to see if I can find other products that fit the diabetic lifestyle. I love to support a company that has great values and is doing so many great things for the world.

If you are interested in this product, we suggest that you get it here …

Have you tried the KIND Nuts and Spices bars? What did you think? Have you tried other KIND products? Tell me what you think below.

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