Month: August 2018

Good Veggies, Bad Veggies

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As a continuation to my series on the carbohydrates in food.. Good Nuts, Bad Nuts, and Good Fruit, Bad Fruit, I have been wondering how vegetables stack up against each other when it comes to carbohydrates. Typically most people think that vegetables are all good to eat, but as you will see, some vegetables are very high in…

Why Me? I Am Not A Diabetic

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There are three kinds of people in the world of Diabetes, those with Diabetes, those who are going to get Diabetes, and those that don’t ever think they can get Diabetes. Because of the last group, those that think they can’t get diabetes, I get questions about how the Live Like a Diabetic philosophy can…

Search Inside Yourself

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If you are interested in this book, we suggest that you get it here …  Your mind is such a powerful instrument. It governs your entire body and keeps this entire machine moving in the right direction, day in and day out… with very little effort required by you. Think about all of the moving…

Benefits of Moving

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As I live like a Diabetic, I have found that doing research to understand my condition, can have a dramatic effect. Whether it’s measuring your glucose levels or counting your carbohydrates, I take my Diabetes management seriously and I like to understand why different things work. Recently I have been very focused on moving (exercise)….

Why the Change to

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When I first started sharing my experiences and articles about Type II Diabetes, the website I wanted ( was not available, so I went with the next best thing ( Recently became available and I snatched it up as fast as possible. I have completed the migration of all the same great content from…

Persistence Pays Off

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It’s Saturday, the one day of the week that I truly consider the “weekend”. A time to rest and get errands done. As I lay in bed, my subconscious begins it’s morning ritual… “George, you don’t want to get up early on a Saturday to go do a 10K.” “George, sleep in, you deserve it,…

I Do That!

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I can’t tell you how many times, I hear the response “I do that!” when I discuss how I got my diabetes under control with people who don’t have their diabetes under control, so what is the problem? Harsh Truth Okay, so WARNING … what I am about to tell you might be harsh, but…

Getting Started (Keep It Simple)

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A popular term that goes around at where I work is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), which is intended to help us remember not to complicate things that are complicated. Practical Applications This principle of KISS has become very apparent to me as I talk with people about my success and how they too can…