Why the Change to LiveLikeADiabetic.com?


When I first started sharing my experiences and articles about Type II Diabetes, the website I wanted (LiveLikeADiabetic.com) was not available, so I went with the next best thing (EatLikeADiabetic.com).

Recently LiveLikeADiabetic.com became available and I snatched it up as fast as possible.

I have completed the migration of all the same great content from EatLikeADiabetic.com to LiveLikeADiabetic.com and now, I am updating only the LiveLikeADiabetic.com website.

If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It

I love this saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it...” and I thought for the longest time that it was appropriate for why I never transitioned from EatLikeADiabetic.com to LiveLikeADiabetic.com. EatLikeADiabetic.com was working. The content was good and people are reading it and interacting with me, so some people have asked:

Why? Why make the change?

Think. Eat. Move.

I thought about this long and hard before I realized that to really master my Type II Diabetes, I was going to need multiple faucets.

I was going to need to master my mind (think). I have seen that mastery comes from becoming mentally strong. Strong enough to combat my subconscious and overcome its natural tendencies to want to protect me from the “hard stuff”. Strong enough to keep me motivated, make controlled and smart choices about my exercise and eating habits.

I was also going to need to master what goes into my body (eat). I have seen that mastery comes from nutritional balance. Balancing good carbohydrates with bad carbohydrates. Balancing portion control and the variety of food items, not just eating a low carbohydrate menu or eating “healthy” foods. Truly eating “Diabetic Friendly” is the only way to balance my nutrition.

Lastly, I was going to need to master how much energy my body burns (move). I have seen that mastery comes from physical activity. It doesn’t matter how small or how great, the movement is essential and required to burn the sugars affecting my blood sugar levels.


As I have developed these three concepts, I realized that just eating wasn’t enough.

When I first started, eating correctly (nutritional balance) gave me a huge boost of encouragement down the right path, but the further I have gotten down the path, I have realized that I need more. More mental toughness, more physical activity along with my existing eating habits.

By bringing all three of these concepts together, it allows me to share all of the topics that have helped me to reverse my diabetes.

Even better, it gives you the opportunity to understand that there is a balance. Balancing Think, Eat and Move is the most important part of managing your Type II Diabetes.

The site will now be dedicated to this purpose. To help others find their balance of Think, Eat and Move.

I hope that you find this change helpful and just the next transition in the evolution of permanently reversing a lifestyle of Type II Diabetes without medication. Allowing my body to do what it was designed to do and not rely on medication.

Do you like the change? Tell us what you think about our website name change.

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