Why Me? I Am Not A Diabetic


There are three kinds of people in the world of Diabetes, those with Diabetes, those who are going to get Diabetes, and those that don’t ever think they can get Diabetes.

Because of the last group, those that think they can’t get diabetes, I get questions about how the Live Like a Diabetic philosophy can have an impact in their life.

If you are NOT a Diabetic,

how does Live Like A Diabetic and our Philosophy affect your life?

Blood Sugar

What a lot of people don’t realize is how your blood sugar levels are related to the rest of your body. I saw this correlation first hand as I watched my father’s life. My father’s blood sugar levels affected his:

  • Eyes: when your blood sugar levels are high, your blood pressure rises which in turn effects your eyes. My dad continually had disconnected retinas which made his vision blurry. Although my dad never experienced the ultimate effect of diabetes on your eyes, many people develop cataracts and go completely blind.
  • Nerves: when there is too much sugar in your blood system, the sugar tends to settle in the extremities of your body like your feet and hands. The tiniest vessels in your body are your nerves within these extremities. As the sugar settles, it cuts off the blood flow to the nerves and you develop neuropathy. Eventually you can’t feel your toes, feet and.or fingers. Worst part is that as your nerves die, they are very painful and burning.
  • Liver: one of your liver’s jobs is to convert things like carbohydrates into sugars for your body to use. The more carbohydrates you have the harder your liver has to work to keep converting to sugars. Eventually, this can lead to liver failure.
  • Kidneys: one of your kidney’s jobs is to remove anything your body doesn’t use from the blood stream. As your liver works hard to make the sugars, your kidney works hard to remove them from the blood stream. Eventually, all of this hard work can lead to kidney failure.
  • Heart: with the increase of sugar levels in your blood, the hard it becomes for your heart to move your blood around your body. It’s like the difference between pouring water and syrup. Your heart works harder, increasing your blood pressure and eventually leads to heart attacks or other heart-related failures.

By keeping your blood sugar levels at normal levels, diabetic or not can help to avoid these kinds of issues.

Body Weight

Your body is like an engine. It takes energy to work.

For our bodies, we burn calories which typically comes from the sugars (simple or converted from carbohydrates and/or fats).

When our bodies can’t use all of the calories being produced, we store them for later.

With more sugar in our bodies, we have more calories and if we aren’t burning them, then we store them in the form of fat (weight).

So, Why Live Like a Diabetic?

Once I shared these various reasons to avoid even going close to being a Diabetic, even the people without Diabetics are convinced that they need to start a healthy habit of how they deal with sugars, carbohydrates, and their glucose levels.

Do you think that it’s important to manage your sugar levels? How important do you think it is?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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2 Replies to “Why Me? I Am Not A Diabetic”

  1. Wow. Mr. Cain, George. I don’t know if you remember me, Ms. Capraro from. Sawgrass Elementary. I miss and love your family. You are an awesome writer. Congratulations on the weight loss and maintaining your good health despite the diabetes. Glad to see you aren’t letting go it get you,
    🎶🎈Happy Birthdayyyyy 🎈🎶

    1. Ms. Capraro of course we remember you … when I read your comment, I mentioned you to Angela and she says “Hi” as well. Hope you are doing well and thank you for making contact. Thank you on the weight loss and the good health comments, really appreciate the uplifting words. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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