Relentless from Good to Great to Unstoppable


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When I first read the title to this book, it intrigued me, how? I have seen in my personal life and within people near to me someone going from Good to Great, but to unstoppable? I have been stopped in my life, slowed down to take a break.

So how do you get to unstoppable?

Searching for Unstoppable

The author of this book, Tim Grover, has some very unique experiences in his life that has allowed him to work closely with people that I think everyone would agree are unstoppable – people like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and others.

In the world of basketball these players are legends and Tim has worked with them all and contributed to their success by helping them to be unstoppable.

So I don’t play basketball, at least not at a professional level, and I don’t even follow basketball.

Honestly, I don’t watch much TV at all. There are the occasional times when I will watch a movie with the kids or a cooking series, but the reality is that to be obsessed, means that you aren’t doing what the average person is doing, which is watching the average 4.3 hours of TV a day. So how does this help me?

Coolers, Closers, Cleaners

Tim uses three phrases through out the book which helps to define the three types of people in the world – Coolers, Closers, and Cleaners.

If you want the definitions I would suggest that you pick up this book and read or listen to it. For me, I only cared about the Cleaners. They are the unstoppable, relentless people in the world. What does it take to be one of these people? This was the question I kept asking myself time and time again as I moved through the book.

Closer to Cleaner

Throughout most of the book, I associated with the Closer category. I found myself hearing the types of things a Closer would do and thinking to myself, “Yes, that is me” then I realized that this put me in the Great category.

Not bad, right in the middle between Good and Unstoppable, but wait that is average (middle). Heck No.

If you have read my article about Be Obsessed or Be Average, you already know that I hate to be average and always want to be obsessed about what I do, especially when it comes to my Diabetes. My only choice was to start working to move from Closer to Cleaner.

Work in Progress

  • Am I a cleaner? NO. My habits and behaviors are not automatic, I don’t do them without thinking because they are habits that are deeply ingrained in my DNA.
  • Am I working on it? YES.

That is one point that I got from Tim, those who are unstoppable, practice, and practice, and practice and oh yeah and they practice some more. They practice long and hard to become the unstoppable people that they are. This is what I am working to be, unstoppable at beat Diabetes.

If you are interested in this book, we suggest that you get it here …

Is there something that you do to be unstoppable at controlling your Diabetes?

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