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I was listening to this book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor when he made the point that most people believe that once they reach a point, they will be happy.

However, the reality is that when people reached that point, they look for another point to reach, thus never getting to happiness.

Happiness comes in striving for the points in life, not reaching them.

What’s Next

I have found this point to be true in my own life. When I found out that I was Diabetic, my goal was to get off each of my medications.

As I started to reduce my weight and the medications I was required to take, I kept coming up with additional goals.

Next was my weight, then came running, then came fitness and general health and wellness, and I am sure that something will come after that.

So, as a Diabetic, if I am constantly striving to improve my position, I ask myself these questions:

1. When, as a Diabetic, am I happy?

2. When should I be happy?

3. What should I do to make me happy?


As I reflected on what Shawn was sharing in his book, I began to change my thinking more towards my happiness on a daily bases. Each day that I was not taking medication to control my Diabetes, or each day that I could have my body control my Diabetes naturally, I found to be a happy day.

I would remind myself about where I had come from and what it was like before I got my Diabetes under control and realized that I was happy.

I was very happy every day that I didn’t have to take medications. Happy that I could control myself through eating and moving.

My Path

As great as reversing my Diabetes has been, the path  brought greater happiness than the end result.

When I finally came off my last medication, it was almost anti-climatic. I was super happy to be done with medications and was happy that I didn’t need to take medications anymore, but I had done (past tense) it.

The reversal was in the past, what was next?

We naturally look to the future as the unknown, the path forward.

What happens next, where do I find happiness in maintaining something I have already done?

As a ¬†Diabetic, I know that if I don’t continue to maintain my Diabetic habits, I will be right back on medication.

This is enough of a reminder for me to continue to develop new and better habits to keep my Diabetes under control without medication.

I can honestly say that everyday I wake up and go to bed without taking medication I am truly happy with my diabetic lifestyle changes. I may slip up on occasion or find myself developing bad habits from time to time, but as I quickly identify and fix my habits I find happiness in being a diabetic who doesn’t take medication.

Your Path

What will be your happiness path to diabetic freedom or reversal? Share your path with us in the comments below.

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