The Brain Muscle


As I talk more and more with people about the 120 Day Reversal of my Type 2 Diabetes, I get asked all the time how did you do it?

Although I usually respond with information about controlling by blood sugar levels and eating changes,

I am realizing that a lot of my reversal had to do more with brain (mental) power than anything else.

Yes, controlled eating played a large role, but without my mental capabilities I would have never been able to accomplish the control and/or eating changes. Exercising our mind and increasing our capacity to have brain control requires our body to play a huge role in this process.

Education Your Brain

At various times in my life I have gone through cycles of leaning, relaxing, learning, and so forth. What I have come to realize is that my most productive or enjoyable times are the times of learning. Learning comes in many formats, but for me I truly enjoy learning about self help or business building topics.

I don’t believe it to be any accident that I was going through one of my super active learning times when I first became diagnosed.

I just come off an 8 year drought of learning and was just getting back into listening to audible books in the car as I drove around. I don’t drive a ton each day, maybe 30-60 minutes as I commute, but it’s just enough time to listen to a good book and get something inspirational or  enlightening for the day. I find this time to be imperative to exercising my mind and controlling my diabetes.

Learning is Fundamental

You may have heard this phrase once before, learning is fundamental, meaning that the ability to learn, or the continuation of learning is the base, or root of success. There have been tons of articles written about learning and it’s role in successful people’s lives. I certainly do not rank myself in the company of those that are great or successful, but I still find that when I am learning, I am progressing, and when I stop learning and just coast I am not going anywhere. Even if I am not going backwards, I am not going forward and standing still seems just as bad as moving backwards.

We are proud to announce the introduction of the Mind category to the Eat Like a Diabetic website.

I tend to listen to a lot of books, some have helped me with my Diabetics while some helped me with my finances, some helped me with my businesses but all of them taught me something that helps me with life.

Some of these books are great and can benefit more than just myself, but I noticed that there are so many books on the market, that it is difficult at times to sift out the good stuff. For this reason we start this new category and we will start posting articles about all about improving your mind to help beat diabetes.

Do you have a book that has helped you? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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