Do You Need Help?


Since my Diabetic reversal, my conversations often turn to Diabetes, and I am amazed at the number of people whom I know are living with Diabetes and I never even knew. By nature I am not a nosy person, so it didn’t surprise me that I didn’t know, but what I didn’t expect was the number of people who came to me for help.

Help Please

I feel like I have always been a generous person and I try to help others whenever I can, but this was different. One of my business partners came to me and asked, “Will you mentor me on my Diabetes?”

At the time, my business partner was struggling with his glucose levels reaching extremely high levels.  He got concerned to the point that he knew he needed some help. Luck for him, he knew someone that could help. The someone he was referring to was none other than me.

I like my business partner, otherwise, why would I be in business with him, so we started to talk for a while. After about 30 minutes we had quickly identified some items that he could work on to help. We discussed a lot about food, and what we eat and I explained why not everything that says Lite or Sugar-Free is Diabetic Friendly. After another 30 minutes of talking about alternatives and diabetic friendly choices, he decided to give our discussion some application.

I was so happy when he and I meet the following week, and he proclaimed that his glucose levels had dropped by 100s of points. He shared with me his eating changes and how they were affecting his glucose levels, plus he was more aware of how his choices affected his glucose levels, so he was able to counter eating decisions that were not as good. He has now been working on it for several weeks and has dropped his glucose levels into acceptable ranges on a consistent base. He was so excited to apply additional principles from the Live Like a Diabetic article.

Do You Need Help?

After helping my business partner, I was afforded my next opportunity while talking with my mother. My mom and sister are both diabetic and struggle with managing their diabetes. We talked about some ideas and changes that my Mom would try and wouldn’t you know it they worked. Even my sister has started to make some changes that are helping her with her diabetes as well.

I have found all of this help to be uplifting and exciting… AND I WANT MORE!

I WANT TO HELP YOU! Let’s talk! Send me an email at and let’s start a dialog about your diabetes. I am not a doctor, but I can be a great coach. Let me coach you to help you with controlling your Diabetes if nothing else, let’s share successes and uplift each other. I will lift your spirits, and you can lift mine as we both work to control our diabetes.

I will be waiting…

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