Month: February 2019

Let’s Get Dopey

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I am looking for a few brave people to participate in the runDisney 2020 Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge with me, are you that person? The Dopey Challenge If you haven’t heard about the runDisney Dopey Challenge, let me just say that the name is about as appropriate as possible. The challenge is to run during…

Mental Calluses

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If you haven’t read my article Limitless Mental Boundaries, you should read that article before this one as I talk about the newest book I have finished listening to by David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me. The book was really good and there are several principals that I have found to be very useful as a diabetic….

Move with the Pack

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You may have heard that working out with a partner is great for keeping each other motivated and working out on a schedule. This is great for social or extraverted people, but what about people like me? What about those introverts who primarily works out alone? Alone Time Recently, I participated in a runDisney Marathon…

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